The National Student Card (TNE) is a personalized card that is given to students of basic, middle and higher education. The TNE allows the student to pay a cheaper fee for the use of the three modes of transport that groups Red Metropolitana de Movilidad: buses, subway and MetroTren Nos (train). This reduced rate applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. The benefit of this reduced rate is delivered by JUNAEB.

Where can I apply for the TNE?

Students who do not have TNE should contact the person in charge of managing the card at their education establishment. For more information, please contact 600 6600 400.

Where can I top-up my TNE?

  • All bip! Centers
  • All bip! Points
  • All subway and MetroTren Nos ticket office
  • Totems located inside subway stations and in Supermarkets Unimarc, Leader, A Account, Ekono and some Ok Market locations.

The minimum charge for the TNE is $400

Problems with TNE?

In case you have problems with the operation of your TNE (technical failure), you can approach one of the bip! User Service Centers or consult 600 6600 400

In case your TNE is lost, stolen, damaged, broken or in bad condition, you must make a replacement. This can be done on the website, in TNE or ChileTend offices with the requested documents.

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