Ideas in your bus stops

Bus stops intervened with "ideas in your bus stops"

In a space of exchange and continuous movement, comes Ideas in your bus stop, a project that began to create artistic interventions in the bus stops of Santiago.

This initiative was developed after the motivation and participation of the same neighbors, who through techniques such as: Grafitti, Mosaico and Collage, managed to capture themes typical of their daily life and identity. The works were guided by a group of artists, to create with the community a bond of closeness and belonging with the infrastructure of the Public Transport System.


Through a pilot project, in 2010 the first artistic-citizen intervention was carried out in a bus stop. In 2012, the Metropolitan Public Transport Board, DTPM, consolidated this initiative by working together with a group of artists.

In this way, thanks to the Ideas on your bus stop,Santiago has bus stops intervened in more than 20 communes of the city.

This initiative was awarded two important awards: in 2014 it won the Avonni Award in the Public Innovation Category, which rewards the ability of regional, local and public governments to efficiently manage their resources to develop initiatives that better serve the community.

Also, in May 2013 the project reached the prize in the Costumer Service category, in the second version of the competition organized by the International Public Transport Association (UITP).

Ideas in your bus stop contributed to the communities participating in the workshops that allowed the intervention of the stops, generating among the neighbors a sense of belonging with the infrastructure of public surface transport, motivating their care.

Your Bus stops Magazine

Your bus stops are a magazine that shows through photographs, testimonies and interviews the work done by the project Ideas on your bus stop for an entire year. So far the magazine has two editions, 2015 and 2016, which present the record of what was done in 2014 and 2015, respectively. In them you will find interesting reports and articles about this cute project.

Revista Tu Paradero 2016

Revista Tu Paradero 2015


In 2014 the first report of the project was made, which shows the work carried out during 2013.

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