August 17, 2019

Renovation and maintenance plan will favor 9,150 RM bus stops with Red standard

Renovation and maintenance plan will favor 9,150 RM bus stops with Red standard

The first two stages of the plan include 19 communes and a third, to be implemented from 2021, will manage to conserve the infrastructure of 80% of the stopping points of the Santiago transport system.24

Stages in the renovation of bus stops (affected areas).

The plan seeks to maintain 9,150 stopping points in 19 areas in the Metropolitan Region, representing 80% of bus stops throughout the system. The rest, has a system of self-management by the municipalities that allows its maintenance.

The plan began with a pilot stage that contemplated nine areas, of the 34 in which the public transport system operates, considering 2,238 bus stops of Peñalolén, Independencia, Recoleta, Renca, Cerrillos, Quinta Normal, El Bosque, Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Lo Prado.

The initiative will extend to 10 more areas in a second stage, in which 3,979 bus stops will be involved, resulting in coverage of 55% of MRI stopping points.

The municipalities included in the next works are Puente Alto, Conchalí, San Miguel, Estación Central, Huechuraba, La Granja, La Pintana, San Bernardo, San Ramón and Maipú.

This new standard in bus stops seeks to substantially improve people's quality of life, delivering greater safety through the implementation of luminaires and a permanent maintenance of stops

The rest of the bus stops will have a maintenance or conservation contract that will be completed in the third stage of the plan, the works of which will be implemented from 2021, with a total of 9,143 stopping points intervened.

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