January 24, 2020

MTT awards best drivers and public transport drivers in Santiago

MTT awards best drivers and public transport drivers in Santiago

It is the seventh edition of this event, which seeks to highlight the importance of the work that drivers do in improving the quality of service that is delivered to users.

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT), through the Metropolitan Public Transport Directory (DTPM), chose the best drivers of the capital’s transport system.

Since 2013 this award seeks to recognize and value the social role that drivers have in the mobility of the city

Twelve were the finalists of 2019, chosen from the more than 20 thousand drivers who are part of the system, for carrying out their work prominently, ranked in the defined standards, bringing quality to the travel experience of users. This year 2019 this award took on a special sense, since it was the drivers of public transport who, during the crisis that faced the system, continued to carry out their work which allowed to replace the lack of coverage that led to the suspension of the subway service.

“It was the drivers who did not lower their arms and despite the risks and attacks they faced every day on the streets, it was their effort and commitment that allowed the city of Santiago to continue to move even on the most critical days of the contingency. We want to recognize and thank them for all the effort they and their families have shown over the past nearly three months and highlight the social role they play every day”Minister of Transportation Gloria Hutt said.

Tamara Delgado, driver of the company Vule, and Pedro Pardo, driver of the company Subus, winners of 2019

During the days of crisis the balance of aggression exceeded 200 drivers while the burned buses reached the 45 buses that were left with total loss. Meanwhile the vandalization of buses was approximately 3,000 buses either theft, theft of fire extinguishers, vandalism inside or outside the bus or hijacking of buses.

On this occasion Tamara Delgado, host of vule, and Pedro Pardo, driver of the Company Subus, were chosen as the winners of 2019. Both stand out for fully complying with the driving requirements set out in concession contracts, including for their kindness to users, detention at bus stops, for stopping near the sidewalk, driving without braking and for having exemplary performance in their companies.

The integration of the female workforce into the system has been one of the relevant themes of this ceremony.

In 2014, the conductors were included for the first time in this award, in that year there were only 264 women in driving (1.5%), who were concentrated in 4 of the 7 operating companies of the system. This 2019, all companies have women in driving and account for 6.2% of the system’s drivers (1,271).

“As DTPM we are committed to improving the travel quality of our users and in this improvement the work that drivers and drivers do every day is essential, even more so in recent months that have been critical to public transport and where their commitment to their social role of mobilizing people has been fundamental”Fernando Saka, Director of Metropolitan Public Transport, said.

Choice of Best Drivers by Company

The methodology for choosing the best among companies envisages the use of the Quality of Service Indicator (ICA) assessment database by selecting workers whose assessments have 100% compliance in the last 6 months. Added to this is the accident rate, as those who do not record accidents in the last 12 months are distinguished.

From that list, companies select drivers who have more than 100% assessments and those drivers who have had accidents during the last 12 months are discarded. In the event of a tie, variables such as number of letters of warnings, non-assistance and claims apply. This selects the two best assessments per company and inspects them on the ground through an unknown passenger, who applies an on-site assessment tool, which yields first and second place.

Awarded by companies


  • Best Driver: Julio César Muñoz
  • Best Driver: Natalia Muñoz


  • Best Driver: Carlos Cabezas
  • Best Driver: Andrea Sandoval


  • Best Driver: Alfonso Sancho Bustamante
  • Best Driver: Victoria Rosales


  • Best Driver: Pedro Pardo
  • Best Driver: Amy Cornejo

Express Santiago One

  • Best Driver: Victor Hermosilla
  • Best Driver: Margaret Ulloa

Buses Vule

  • Best Driver: Alfonso Morales
  • Best Driver: Tamara Delgado
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