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tarjeta bip!

The bip! card is the official payment method for Red Metropolitana de Movilidad, the public transport system of the city of Santiago that integrates three modes of transport: buses, subway and MetroTren Nos.

You will be able to charge on your bip! card the amount of money you require, from $1,000 to a maximum of $25,500. The amount of the corresponding fare will be deducted on each trip.

Where can I top-up my bip!?

You will be able to buy and top-up your bip! card at all subway and MetroTren Nos ticket offices, in offices called bip! Center and in bip! Points, both identified with the card logo. It can also be loaded into totems located inside subway stations, in Unimarc supermarkets, Leader, A Account, Ekono and some Ok Market locations.

You can also make remote uploads through the web pages,, and in the Red App. Once your remote upload is done, it’s important to consider that you need to validate it on a totem before you can use it.

What about the rates?

There is a set rate for all users of the system and another differentiated rate for students with the TNE and for men and women over 65 who have the bip! card. Adulto Mayor. Check all system rates here.

bip! Card benefits

There are bip! cards carrier, those who do not have personal identification and bip! cards that present the user’s name and photo. One of the benefits of custom cards is that in case of loss, you can lock your card and recover the unused balance.

You know the bip! card it allows you to access the rates integration between buses, subway and MetroTren Nos, which means that you can mobilize in all three modes (performing up to two transfers) with a single payment for a period of 2 hours (120 minutes). Depending on the time of travel and the transfer (bus to subway for example), only a proportion of the second ticket will be charged until the total fare amount is completed. This integration is free on buses for up to two transfers in the same direction and without repetition of routes.

This payment system provides greater security on your travels, because you don’t need cash to cancel tickets. You can also review the history of the tours you’ve traveled on up to three months ago. You can check this out here.

Buy and Top-up

bip! Points

The bip! Points they are located in different commercial locations that, being affiliated with the charging network, allow you to charge your bip! card, upload your remote purchases and check the balance of your bip! card

Find your bip! Point closest here.

bip! Centers

The bip! Centers are offices specially enabled to sell and top-up bip! cards. Currently, there are 57 bip! Centers where you can buy and crack your bip! card, validate your remote top-ups and check the balance.

Check the balance of your bip! card Here.

If the amount to be charged is less than $1,000, approach the bip! Centers and you’ll find a box that’s not subject to minimum load. To know these bip! Centers and their visiting hours, check the website

User Service Offices

They are offices specially enabled to answer and solve questions or problems you have with your bip! card. To find out where these centers are located, you can visit the

In these offices you can:

  • Request a personalized card
  • Lock or unlock your bip! card personalized in case of theft or loss
  • Make replacement of School Passes due to failures not attributable to the user.
  • Perform card replacement and replacement in case of failure not attributable to the user
  • Check the balance and trips made with your card and also what is available as a remote charge
  • Make suggestions
  • Request the attention of a Customer Service executive

Opening hours are:

Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:30 hrs. / Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 9:00 to 14:00 hrs.

In the User Service Centers there is no charge of bip! card The value for the lock service is worth $300, just like the unlock service.

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