What is Red?

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What is Red Metropolitana de Movilidad?

Red Metropolitana de Movilidad is the name of the new standard of santiago’s public transport system. It physically and tariffly connects all public transport buses in the city, operated by 6 concessionaires, the Santiago Subway and MetroTren Nos (train).

This system integration, all three modes, is paid for through a single means: the bip! card, which you can charge at any of the charging points distributed around the city.

Users of the system will be able to move on the buses, subway and MetroTren Nos making up to two transfers for the value of a single ticket. These connections can be made in a time space of two hours (120 minutes) after making the first bip!

Red Metropolitana de Movilidad brings us closer to our destinations, innovating and delivering a modern, sustainable and safe service. Our commitment is to link with the city, delivering access and increasingly efficient mobility opportunities.


Red Metropolitana de Movilidad bus system covers about 6.2 million users from the 32 areas of the Metropolitan Region plus Puente Alto and San Bernardo, in a geographical area of about 680 km2 in urban areas. On a business day, about three million transactions are carried out on system buses.

The bus system is operated by 6 concessionaires:


    Business Unit 3 and responsible for services 300, E, H and I.

    Av. Viel 1420, Santiago

    +56 (2) 2 554 35 29



    General Manager: Simon Dosque San Martín

    Operations Manager: Nelson Latorre Gómez


    Business Unit 2 and responsible for services 200 and G.

    Avenida del Cóndor Sur 590, Oficina 704, Huechuraba.

    +56 (2) 22 9881110



    General Manager: Andrés Ocampo

    Operations Manager: Fabio Zorro


    Business Unit 2 and responsible for services 200 and G.

    Camino el Roble 200, Pudahuel.

    +56 (2) 2 947 76 00



    General Manager: Cristian Saphores Martinez

    Operations Manager: Carlos Muller Dominguez


    Business Unit 5 and responsible for services 500 and J.

    Fanor Velasco Nº 85, primer piso, Santiago Centro. Tel. (56) 2 28920433

    Reclamos: 600 300 3366



    General Manager: Juan Pinto Zamorano

    Operations Manager: Humberto Franchini Godoy


    Business Unit 6 and responsible for services B and C.

    Av. El Salto Nº4651, Huechuraba

    +56 (2) 600 488 1800



    General Manager: Hernán Berríos Gómez

    Operations Manager: Oscar Gray Castelló – Reinier Rojas G.


    Business Unit 7 and responsible for F services.

    Av. Abdón Cifuentes Nº 36, Santiago.

    +56(2)224119500 / +56 (2) 2 59 21 110



    General Manager: Luis Barahona Moraga

    Operations Manager: Rodrigo Villarroel Cattani


Subway of Santiago is one of the integrated axes of santiago’s public transport system. It has 7 subway train lines and 136 stations transiting between the different areas of the city. Most subway stations connect to bus stops and others to intermodal transfer stations, i.e. intercity buses.

On a business day, about 2,471,000 transactions are made in subway.

MetroTren Nos

The MetroTren Nos train service offers a fast and convenient means of transport between Estación Central and the area of San Bernardo.

Among the main benefits of MetroTren Nos, it stands out that the neighbors of San Bernardo can reach Estación Central in just 25 minutes. In addition, MetroTren Nos allows the areas of Estación Central, San Bernardo, Lo Espejo, Pedro Aguirre Cerda and El Bosque to connect more quickly with subway line 1 and the different bus routes.

MetroTren Nos consist of 10 stations: Alameda (Ala), Lo Valledor (LoV), Pedro Aguirre Cerda (PAC), Lo Espejo (LoE), Lo Blanco (LoB), Freire (Fre), San Bernardo (SBe), Maestranza (Mae), 5 Pinos (5Pi) and Nos (Nos). Lo Valledor Station connects to subways’s new line 6.

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