Ecological Transport

Front of a park-bottomed bus

The Metropolitan public transport system is progressively changing the standard of its buses. Thus, the inhabitants of the city of Santiago have begun to see new electric and ecological buses (with Euro VI technology) of red and white circulate through its streets. This fleet change is part of the system’s new tender.

These new buses, in addition to being less polluting, offer their users a series of features that make their travels much more comfortable. We are talking about air conditioning, USB ports, better accessibility conditions and more comfortable seats, among others.

When we talk about less polluting buses we mean that electric ones produce 0 polluting gases, while ecological ones (Euro VI technology), although they use diesel they emit 90% less pollution than buses with Euro III technology and 50% less than Euro V.

The implementation of these buses in our city is then a big step to reduce pollution, thus improving air quality. We are undoubtedly facing increasingly efficient and sustainable mobility.

Características de accesibilidad de los autobuses eléctricos de Red
Características de accesibilidad de los nuevos buses ecológicos euro VI de Red.
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