Person entering a wheelchair bus

Red Metropolitana de Movilidad is accessible, because both 87.3% of the fleet of buses, as well as the subway stations (lines 3 and 6, mainly) and MetroTren Nos have different characteristics that facilitate the mobility of people with reduced mobility, thus making the city of Santiago have a universal and equitable public transport system.

In this way, Red Metropolitana de Movilidad buses have the following characteristics:

  • Specially designed space for wheelchair inside the vehicle.
  • Safety system for passenger with wheelchair with mechanical lock and seat belt.
  • Button to request the stop of the vehicle on the side of the wheelchair space at the corresponding height for easy access.
  • Manual ramp for wheelchair access.
  • An ischiatic support bracket for passengers with reduced mobility.
  • Handles with texture so that non-seers know where the button to request the stop is located.
  • Most subway stations (lines 3 and 6 in their entirety) and all MetroTren Nos stations have elevators.
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