November 09, 2020

New Red buses add up to three 400 routes

New Red buses add up to three 400 routes

Services 401c, 403 and 406c will begin to be operated by Euro VI buses, standard Red.

Between this Sunday 19th and Monday 20th July will be integrated into the system 80 new standard red buses Red with Euro VI technology, to serve the routes 401c, 403 and 406c,improving the travel experience of its users.

Routes 403 and 406c will start running on Red buses from Sunday 19, while 401c will run from Monday, July 20.

It is important to note that the three services mentioned maintain their paths and stops, changing only the standard and color of the bus. Therefore, we remind you to look at the tour number before boarding.

These new Red buses with Euro VI technology, in addition to having very low emission levels of polluting gases, deliver better performance for their users, such as air conditioning, USB ports, universal accessibility and more comfortable seats, among others.

If you have to leave home, remember to plan your trip so you’re on the street for as little time as possible and avoid contagion.

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