November 09, 2020

Protocols to Covid on public transport

Protocols to Covid on public transport

Red Metropolitana de Movilidad has implemented various actions and campaigns to inform and educate users about precautionary measures to be followed when using public transport to prevent coronavirus contagion.

It is important to consider that both buses and whereabouts such as subway and MetroTren stations and wagons are being sanitized daily with quaternary ammonium and biotechnology (in the case of Metro).

Seat demarcation has been implemented on buses to facilitate physical estating. The same has been done on the platform of some stops. Respecting estating is paramount to prevent contagion between users, and to safeguard the safety of transport personnel who continue to work to ensure the mobility of the city during the pandemic.

It has also been advised to use the second and third doors for passenger access on buses that do not have a segregated cabin for the driver. In these cases, and to remember the payment of the ticket, users are also advised to equally come to make bip! in the validator.

The campaign also promotes the use of mask and alcohol gel during journeys and hand washing as soon as users arrive at their destinations.

Medidas covid en el transporte público
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